Junjo Romantica (Season 1) Blu-ray Collection will be released by Nozomi Entertainment and is now available for pre-order!

  • Directed by Chiaki Kon (Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi – The World’s Greatest First Love, When They Cry – Higurashi, Golden Time) and featuring anime production by Studio DEEN(Umineko – When They Cry, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Fruits Basket) Junjo Romantica (Season 1) Blu-ray Collection will be released on July 11, 2017. This will be the first time ever this series is available on Blu-ray in North America!

Based on Shungiku Nakamura’s best selling yaoi manga!
Three very different couples caught up in a storm of pure romance! Romantica: Misaki is struggling to prepare for his college entrance exams, so his brother arranges for a private tutor. But Misaki’s nightmare is just beginning when his tutor, Usami, comes on to him! How will Misaki ever manage to pass his exam? Egoist: Just when Kamijou’s life is at its lowest, he has a chance meeting with a man who never lets anything hold him back: Nowaki. His name means “typhoon,” and he’s about to take Kamijou on a whirlwind ride that will turn everything upsidedown. Terrorist: Miyagi always seems to shrug off the cares of the world with a joke and a smile. But even he has problems, although he doesn’t let them show. Foremost is Shinobu, a relentless young man who’s adamant that they’re destined to be together.

Junjo Romantica (Season 1) Blu-ray Collection will be available in Japanese audio with English subtitles and will be available on Blu-ray in North America for the first time ever! To pre-order visit: