Mobile Suit Gundam 00 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Ultra Edition


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is finally available in High Definition in an amazing complete collection! Get the entire Gundam 00 saga in a collector’s box with fantastic extras.

Four Pilots Against the World!

The year is 2307 A.D. While the Earth’s reserves of fossil fuels have been depleted, humanity has obtained a new, nearly infinite source of energy to replace them in the form of large-scale solar-powered generation systems based on three huge orbital elevators. However, the benefits of this system are available only to a handful of major powers and their allies. These orbital elevators belong to three superpower blocs: the Union, the Human Reform League and the AEU. These confederations continue to play a grand zero-sum game for the sake of their own prestige and prosperity. Thus, even in the 24th Century, humanity has yet to unite as one. In this world of unceasing conflict, a private armed organization steps forward, declaring their intention to eliminate war through martial force. Using the power of their mobile suits combatively, a series of four high-performance machines each dubbed “Gundam,” the paramilitary organization known as Celestial Being takes the world stage, beginning armed interventions within all the world’s nations.

Features the entire Mobile Suit Gundam 00 TV series, the Gundam 00 Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, and the previously unreleased Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Special Edition OVA series. 

Special Features: Clean Openings, Clean Endings, Tactical Forecasts, Japanese Audio Commentaries, Promotional Videos, Trailers, and Chibi Shorts.

Physical extras in the Box include:
• 12 Blu-rays containing the entire Gundam 00 saga in high definition!
• 236-page art book featuring character profiles, mecha records, art galleries, and more!
• 4 Double-sided Art Cards
• Fabric Poster
• 5” Gundam Car Magnet
• Haro Metal Keychain

  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 features original concept by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate (Mobile Suit Gundam) with direction by Seiji Mizushima (Fullmetal Alchemist, Appleseed: Ex Machina, Oh! Edo Rocket) and music by Kenjo Kawai (Fate/Stay Night, Ghost In The Shell, Mob Pshycho 100)

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English

Subtitles: English


  • Format: Blu-ray Collection
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Spoken Languages: Japanese, English
  • Subtitles: English
  • Runtime: 1640
  • Audio: Japanese 2.0, Japanese 5.1, English 2.0, English 5.1
  • Video Ratio: 16:9
  • Color: Color
  • Catalog Number: RSBLU1888
  • ISBN: 9781570325069
  • ISBN 10:1570325065
  • UPC: 742617188824
  • Discs per Set: 10
  • Case Quantity: 30
  • Pre-book Date: 08/07/2018
  • Release Date: 09/04/2018