A Town Where You Livewill be released by Nozomi Entertainment and you can start placing pre-orders now!

Created by Koji Seo (Suzuka), directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi (Casshern Sins, Boys Over Flowers), and production by GONZO (Last Exile, Samurai 7, Welcome to the NHK), A Town Where You Live will be available on Blu-ray on October 4, 2016.


How far would you go for true love?

All his friends said he was just being “stupid” and “delusional,” but Haruto just couldn’t give up on her… Yuzuki, the girl that showed up on his doorstep one day, stole his heart the next, and then left just as abruptly as she arrived. With the faint hope of rekindling the romance they’d shared, Haruto decides to pursue her, moving away from the rural outskirts of Hiroshima to the big city of Tokyo.

However, soon after arriving, he learns that Yuzuki has seemingly moved on and has a new boyfriend. No matter how hard Haruto tries, she refuses to see him and won’t tell him the reason why she left him. He could move on, as many have urged him to, but is that truly what Yuzuki wants? He could try winning her back – after all, he’s already moved to the town where she lives – but how much farther will he need to go?

A Town Where You LiveBlu-ray Collection will be available in Japanese audio with English subtitles. For a complete description and to pre-order visit: