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Junichi Sato’s beautiful world of Aqua is beckoning you to come visit in ARIA The ANIMATION! Available for the first time ever in high definition and now with English audio!

When Akari Mizunashi travels to the city of Neo-Venezia on the planet of Aqua, the beauty of the city is beyond anything she’s ever seen before. It’s here that Akari hopes to achieve her dream of becoming an “undine” — a female tour guide who navigates the canals of Neo-Venezia on an elegant gondola. As she begins her training with the prestigious Aria Company, will she be up to the challenges that await her on the path to achieve her dream?

This special Blu-ray collection contains the entire 13-episode ARIA The ANIMATION TV series in high definition, with both Japanese and English stereo and an English 5.1 surround track!

The ARIA The ANIMATION Blu-ray collection also includes the following extras: Apprentice Undines Interview part 1 & 2, English Cast Commentaries, Primas Interview part 1 & 2, SATOJUN’s “Venice. I’m Sorry!” part 1-6, Commercial Collection, U.S. Season 1 Trailer, Clean Endings, and Season 2 Preview.

ARIA The ANIMATION is the anime adaptation of Kozue Amano’s best-selling manga of the same name and is directed by Junichi Sato (Princess Tutu, Sgt. Frog, Sailor Moon) with animation by Hal Film Maker (Skip Beat, Pretear).

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English

Subtitles: English


  • Format: Blu-ray
  • Genre: Science Fiction / Drama
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Spoken Languages: Japanese, English
  • Subtitles: English
  • Runtime: 325
  • Audio: English 5.1, English 2.0, Japanese 2.0
  • Video Ratio: 4:3
  • Color: Color
  • Catalog Number: NZBLU2040
  • ISBN: 9781570325281
  • UPC: 742617204029
  • Discs per Set: 3
  • Case Quantity: 30
  • Pre-book Date: 07/04/2020
  • Release Date: 03/03/2020

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